Happy Thanksgiving!

“No Time for Shopping”

It’s that time of year again, when the world begins celebrating the birth of our Savior. . .or are we? I am no exception when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, I love celebrating Christmas and its TRUE meaning, but are we truly celebrating Christ and the miracle birth or are we bypassing it?

Is the reason for the season to shop for that perfect gift to give to people on our lists who might just complain if we don’t get them anything?  Did Christ come so that we can have another reason to shop on Black Friday? Of course not!

So, why don’t we focus on the true meaning of Christmas? Jesus is the reason for the season.

Now, we have “Black Friday” beginning on Thursday? On Thanksgiving Day! I know this is nothing new. I remember when Thanksgiving Day was a day to honor God by giving Him thanks and remembering the beginning of this great nation, which was actually founded upon Biblical principles. It was a day set aside so that families could be together. Employers and employees alike, could enjoy a day off to celebrate.

In trying to understand all this, I have come to one conclusion: Thanksgiving Day is slowly but surely being pushed to the back burner, while more and more people are gearing up for sales events.

I will sum this up by saying that I will continue to see Thanksgiving for what it is, a day set aside to give thanks to God. By doing this, I am better equipped to welcome Christmas and its true meaning.

No, I don’t have time to shop for “Black Friday” sales. I will be too busy giving God the thanks that He deserves!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Carolyn A. Felder