We Made It!

Here we are! We’re here to serve you!

We’re Heartfelt Wishes Gift Baskets and we’re here for a purpose.

Designing Gift Baskets is not just what we do. It’s who we are! We do this because we love people and we love what we do!

Gift Baskets are not just another product. To us, it’s an engine. It’s the thing that will move us from one place to another. There’s so much to do here. (at Heartfelt Wishes) We want to share with you because we have received true love from Jesus and this love is meant to be shared.

That’s why we share the Gift of Love! We do this through the designing and creating of Gift Baskets. It’s the thing that God put in us! It’s love in action!

Our slogan began as one that stated, “We’re sharing the Gift of Love!” It’s continuing with these words: We’re Designing Gifts of Love! We’re putting our Hearts into everything we do. We share because we care, and we design with you in mind.

Sharing the Gift of Love is easy when it comes naturally. It comes naturally to us because it’s in us. We’re doing what we enjoy and we’re doing it with the Love of God in our hearts.

Amazing! Thanks for becoming a special part of this business! I can only smile, because I know how very special this part of my life is. Making people smile, is a part of what we do. Building lives, is a part of what we do. Sharing the love of Jesus is the main part of what we do. I’m glad you’re here!

We look forward to serving you! Welcome aboard!

-Heartfelt Wishes to you!